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To all groups, NPO and people that want to be part of this network,

The ReCivitas Institute is an NGO founded in 2006 that works with factual guarantees to human rights as applied in independent public policies.

Since 2008 we develop and sustain the Unconditional Basic Income pilot project in Quatinga Velho, Brazil, which is an internationally recognized project in Basic Income studies and research.

Through partnerships with local organizations, the Quatinga Velho model can be replicated in any community around the world, including ones with the same difficulties: with small amounts of own capital, no governmental support or support by private corporations, and some amount of international solidarity and support.

We have decided to propose this partnership with all, especially after the World Social Forum, for two reasons. First, because we have finally realized how much we have accumulated in shareable knowledge in these ten years; knowledge that must be shared with those who really want to accomplish things. Second, because we want to help in the construction of these new projects, especially the ones that are more open to those who really need them. Also, so that we can change the rather elitist and closed direction that Basic Income seems to be taking, unfortunately — in fact, a direction that the world as a whole seems to be taking.

Our idea of Basic Income is the universal one. Really universal. With no discrimination of any sort, such as of nationality, citizenship or territorial. We work with an open association model that was not designed to expand while being restricted by geopolitical limits, but instead to multiply without regard for borders, in an international network of communities maintained by the peoples themselves, from person to person, through mutual support between non-governmental organizations.

It is therefore within these ideals that we put forward our initial proposal. A terms of partnership and cooperation, so that we can contribute with realizing your Basic Income.

According to the terms of this partnership, we would be responsible for providing the following resources:

1. All the material available about our project. That includes previously unpublished items that, for the most part, have been unpublished because they are internal and administrative documents that are interesting only for the learning of the field operational methods and procedures, project management and fundraising.

2. A certain amount of free hours (to be determined) for the teaching, training and consulting via Internet for the coordinators of the project, where we will answer any questions regarding the project in Brazil as well as help in the development of solutions that are specific to the new project.

3. Contribute financially to the extent of our current financial possibilities. And what is most important: to carry out the direct and integral (100%) transfer of the funds donated through the international network to the project.

3.a. The fundraising model that we intend to share is the one that was used to financially support and emancipate our project.

3.b. The social knowledge and technology to be transferred is the exact same that was presented in the course “Social Entrepreneurship and Basic Income” at UNISA in 2013 — University of Santo Amaro, Brazil.

From their partners, ReCivitas will require an annual accounting and social report for the project. Based on these, we would renew our contribution every subsequent year.

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