NGO launches lifetime basic incomes in Brazilian village, founds collaborative “projects network”

Original here: “Quatinga Velho, the lifetime Basic Income” The nonprofit organization ReCivitas distributed a basic income to residents of the Brazilian village Quatinga Velho from 2008 to 2014. In January 2016, ReCivitas launched a new initiative, Basic Income Startup, which aspires to resume the Quatinga Velho basic income payments and make them lifelong. A new initiative, the Basic Income Projects Network, aims to bring together other nongovernmental organizations that wish to start their own privately-funded basic income pilots. Marcus Brancaglione, president of ReCivitas, writes this update: The ReCivitas Institute is an NGO founded in 2006 that works to apply factual gu

BRAZIL: Basic Income Startup gives “lifetime basic incomes” to villagers

Original here: The ReCivitas Institute is introducing a “Lifetime Basic Income” in the Brazilian village of Quatinga Velho–a project it hopes will serve as a model to other organizations running their own basic income pilots. From 2008 to 2014, the ReCivitas Institute, a non-governmental organization based in Brazil, administered a basic income in Quatinga Velho, a small village in São Paulo, Brazil. Under the project, which was funded entirely by private donors, 100 Quatinga Velho residents eventually received a basic income of 30 Brazilian Reais (about 9 USD) per month, paid in cash. All participants were volunteers. In January 2016, ReCivitas launched a new project, Basic

Payment Guaranteed: How Would Universal Basic Income Affect Business?

Origianl here: What if once a month for the rest of your life you received a check to cover your food, clothing, health care and housing expenses, just by virtue of being human? One school of thought now gaining traction around the world proposes exactly that. The concept is called the "universal basic income" (UBI), and it encompasses a variety of different proposals that all boil down to one, simple idea: replace the existing social-welfare system with direct payments to every individual citizen. UBI has appeared under several different monikers since its conception, going by the titles social dividend, guara

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